Today's Economy Is Different. Your Online Education Must Be, Too.

Northern Arizona University gives you the real world experience today's employers want most.

“Our programs are designed to meet students where they're at in life, so they can move forward in building their dreams.”

Doug Small
M.Ed. Educational Leadership, 1995
Associate Dean, NAU-Extended Campuses

What Makes An
NAU Online Degree Different?

On average, people change jobs 5-7 times in their lifetimes. Successful career changes come with preparation.

When you earn a degree online or in person through The Extended Campuses of NAU, you gain the knowledge, skills and credentials to succeed in your desired career, whether it is in Business, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality or another field.

Our focus is on real-life applications, not just theory. This way, when you graduate from NAU, you're prepared to make an impact in your new job from Day One.

Watch: How NAU Helps You Make A Difference
Watch: How NAU Helps You Make a Difference

Reason #1: Land A Job. Keep A Job.

Without a bachelor's degree, you're 27% more likely to be unemployed—and to stay unemployed longer.

It's simple: The more education you have, the more likely you are to be employed.

NAU designs its degree programs to fit today's realities, so you can earn an accredited degree online without disrupting your family and work life.

Pay the lowest college tuition rates in Arizona and increase your employment opportunities.
Improve your employment prospects with a college degree. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey

Reason #2: Earn More Money.

Earn an NAU bachelor's degree and make $14,612 more a year than you would with just an associate degree.

Or, earn a master's degree from NAU and make an additional $12,168 a year.

Earn an accredited NAU bachelor's or master's degree and increase your salary.
Get paid more with an accredited degree from NAU. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey

Reason #3: Pay Less For A Great College Degree.

NAU's tuition rates are among the lowest in the nation at just $345/hour for undergraduate study and $390/hour for graduate study.

NAU graduates report having some of the lowest student-loan debt in the state.

So far this year, NAU students have been awarded more than $120 million in scholarships and grants.

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